Benefits from Juicing?

  • Nutrition > intake vitamins, minerals, and nutrients from fruits and vegetables

  • Cleanse > flush your body of bad toxins 

  • Energy > natural energy from the vitamins and minerals

  • Break bad eating habits, curb cravings, and prepares the body for healthier options

  • For many, reduces the overall caloric intake which helps shed excess weight

Eating during your juice cleanse?

We suggest to eat only raw fruits and vegetables if it is absolutely necessary. Otherwise, please remember that the main purpose of the detox process is to cleanse your body and give your digestive track a much needed break. If you absolutely need to, you may eat smoothies, superfood bowls, fermented foods, nuts or seeds, salads with non dairy dressing, plant based proteins if possible. If you would like animal protein, we suggest steamed fish or chicken. We recommend all products be locally sourced and organic.

Juice Order

Cleanse No 1

  1. citrus 1 > Breakfast

  2. Greens 2 > Mid Morning Snack

  3. Roots 1 > Lunch

  4. Activated Charcoal > Afternoon Snack

  5. Blue Majik > Dinner

  6. Cashew Milk > Last or whenever you need a boost

Cleanse No 2

  1. Roots 1 > Breakfast

  2. Greens 1 >Mid Morning Snack

  3. Roots 2 > Lunch

  4. Greens 2 > Afternoon Snack

  5. Roots 3 > Dinner

  6. Cashew Milk > Last or whenever you need a boost